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August 16-18, 2018

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August 12, 2018

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June 16, 2018

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August 16, 2018

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1. If your paper is accepted as oral or Best Young Presenter Award, please log on to the conference website on August 10 for specific time. Please prepare the slides in advance. The time for the speeches of the papers is 10 minutes (8 minutes, 2 minutes), please refer to the final schedule. In order to facilitate communication with foreign representatives, please be sure to prepare a set of Chinese and English slides for your speech.

2. If your paper is accepted as poster and e-poster: please prepare as follows:
(1) Poster: Please bring your own poster to the venue for posting. The size is: 120CM height and 90CM width. Please note that the graphic does not exceed the boundary. It must have the title, author unit, name and reference. The exhibition board will be provided by the conference. At that time, please follow the poster number (example: PS-01) to post the presentation at the designated place of the conference within the specified time.
(2) E-poster: Please submit the e-poster at, the requirements are as follows:
a) Before submitting the e-poster, you need to log in (enter your personal username and password) to enter the personal page, click “Manuscript Review Status”, and click “Upload” button under “Upload ppt” to upload your electronic wall report;
b) The electronic poster PPT template can be downloaded under the “Essay submission” menu on the website;
c) The deadline for submission of electronic posters is August 12, 2018;
d) If you have any questions during the submission of the e-poster, you can consult the Secretariat at

3. If your paper is accepted as “Electronic Poster”, please follow the requirements of the electronic poster above, without having to prepare a paper poster.

4. For those who have being arranged oral and/or posters, please send back your feedback to the Secretariat of the conference on August 15th:

5. Pre-conference registration will be closed on August 12, 2018. Please log in to the conference website to register and pay the conference fee to enjoy the registration fee. Any delegate who has not paid in advance, whether or not to register online, 2018 After August 12, you will be charged according to the on-site registration rate. Due to the tight housing, delegates who need to arrange a housing must make a housing reservation online and pay the accommodation fee. No reservations will be guaranteed without a reservation. Please refer to the conference website for details.

Paper conference notices are not available at this meeting. Please click the link below to download the official notice of the conference:
 the Official Notice of the Conference
  I look forward to seeing you at the 12th Annual Meeting of the Asian Society of
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